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Best AI Writers – 8 Best Content Creation Tools in 2023

To begin with, this is not an AI generated article.

I am a real person clicking real buttons, looking at a real screen, filled with real pixels. I promise. I’m a mere writer who enjoys coffee.

Onto AI writers.

Pen writing on paper

AI writers are your automatic, ever-present writing assistants.

These artificial intelligence models trained on hundreds of millions of articles, writings, random excerpts, anecdotes, scripts, books, essays and much, much more, are quite adept at predicting what you might want to write.

Whether you are unsure of how to adopt a professional tone and vocabulary when writing an email to a superior or researching for an academic journal with a subject matter you aren’t too familiar with or writing an article to convincingly sound human, like I am right now, AI writers can help dramatically improve the quality of your writing and the speed at which you can produce them.

  • Do your finger tips feel numb from pressing keyboard buttons for the past 2 hours?
  • Does your mind draw a blank canvas when thinking of the natural progression to your article?
  • Do you wish that you had some sort of way to remedy the writer’s block?
  • Did you want to increase your productivity and content creation per hour?
  • Are you starting to worry about your caffeine intake?

Well, luckily for us, we live in the current year in which neural networks can drive cars, write articles and even generate art.

A bit of context for AI writers.

To begin with, AI writing takes its roots in spell checkers.

The concept of machine learning and neural networks were developed way back in 1943 by a duo of applied scientists, the neuropsychologist Warren McCulloch and the mathematician Walter Pitts.

They wrote a paper on the brain’s neurons’ function and how it may work. As a way to demonstrate this, they provided a simple neural network model made from electrical circuits. Since then, the concept of programmed neural networks have been progressing steadily.

It was during 1975 that the first multi-layered network for unsupervised learning was developed.

And it’s only recently, due to our daily lives passively generating tremendous amounts of data, that the concept of AI has been starting to gain true prevalence.

You’ve probably heard this countless times before about how important data is and how it is generated from all sorts of devices and how companies now have data warehouses full of potentially unreadable by humans type of data.

AI/neural networks make use of all that data to basically program itself.

So let’s instead delve into how AI writers came to be.

Before personal computers were a thing, back during 1971, the first spell checker program: SPELL, built especially for the DEC PDP-10 model and written in assembly language, was developed.

Then, once Commodore systems entered the picture around 1975WordCheck was introduced.

Starting out as stand-alone applications, these spell checkers slowly turned into features that came integrated in any major writing software like Microsoft Word and generally in Apple’s Mac OS.

  • With that, small advances were made until 2007, when StatSheets first started generating articles on sports statistics.
  • 2009, Grammarly (automatic spell checker with finetuning and prediction) entered the scene, becoming a main player in terms of browser extensions for writing.
  • 2018, GPT-1 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 1 – think of GPT as a giant machine that produces human writings in mere seconds) is introduced by OpenAI with 117 million parameters.
  • 2019, just a year later, GPT-2 is introduced with 1.5 billion parameters.
  • 2020, GPT-3 is introduced with 175 billion parameters.

GPT-4 is set to release some time next year and is said to be able to handle 100 trillion parameters.

It may not be a fair comparison, but a human brain has 100 billion neurons.

So we are “this” close to glory.

What now?

Seeing as how the introduction of GPT-3 inspired a massive influx of new interest in the subject of AI in general, we can safely assume that any new GPT released will keep resulting in more and more eyes focusing their attention on the subject matter.

Google Trends
AI writer & GPT-3 search trend on Google from 2004-2022

Currently, AI writers are already popular.

Many people use predictive text and spelling correction without even realizing on their devices.

Some turn to AI writers for various purposes mentioned before.

The point is:

AI writing is a subject that will only keep increasing in relevancy as time goes on.

Any writer or AI enthusiast who wishes to keep up should optimize their writing using the latest technology that’s the right option for them.

So which one should you use?

Let’s finally get into our list of AI writers and their key features.

We will be determining their score based on their convenience, effectiveness, versatility, economic viability, and specialization.


We will use the writer to produce a paragraph in each of the following subjects:

  • Random – “But then, what happens when dogs suddenly grow horns?”
  • Academic – “Write an academic journal research paper on the subject matter of ‘Practical application of AI in reducing road traffic’ “
  • Professional – “Write a professional proposal presentable to investors about a new business idea involving a new brand of coffee called ‘Caffeine King’ “.
  • Narrative personality – “Write a snarky article post about AI writing tools.”
  • Correspondence – “Write an email about submitting a 7-day notice to quit job to project manager.”

Then I will personally review the generated paragraph for each theme to check whether it makes sense and if it follows the prompt fittingly (5 themes)

We will then do a plagiarism check using

Each of the above will be rated using a point system.

We will then sum it all up to evaluate the AI writer’s versatility and accuracy.

If any prompt is found to be plagiarized, the AI writer will immediately receive 0 points.


  • Paid (free trial)
  • Web-based
  • Easy to use, smart dashboard
  • Accurate generator
  • Customizability
  • Content improver
  • 25+ languages
  • Extremely useful templates (50+)
  • Live Q&As
  • Integrated plagiarism, grammar checker and SEO analysis
  • Free courses (SEO, web copy, recipes) Open Document (Power Mode) Open Document (Power Mode), perhaps the most popular and intuitive AI writing tools released to the public nowadays, started out as Conversion AI and then to Jarvis AI and finally to Jasper AI.Currently, it has more than 50,000 clients and more than the estimated business value of 1.5B.

Many wonder nowadays whether AI can generate better articles than actual writers simply due to this software.

About (Jasper) is able to handle any and all types of writing.

However, it is most suited for short-form content generation, which can then be compiled into a perfectly written blog post or article or more.

Jasper’s text generator is truly human-like.

Jasper’s features list includes:

  • Long-form writing capability (Jasper writes books)
  • Workflows (Content planning, structuring)
  • SEO oriented templates
  • Integrated IDE (plagiarism checker, Grammarly, etc.,)
  • Customizability
  • Summarizer
  • Improver
  • Narrative tone
  • Keyword dictation
  • Collaboration capability



Once you sign up for and create an account on the website, you can head over to your documents section and create a new document.

Setting up document in
Setting up a document in

You will be able to choose from freeform writing, blog post or workflow structured writing which is divided into three parts as seen above.

Of course, you should pick whichever is the most suited for your purpose in utilizing

In this case, to provide examples with no need for complexity, I opted for freeform.

As someone interested in data science, I had recently heard about the programming language ‘Julia’ for data science.

So let’s input the topic and create a new writing while adjusting:

  • Tone of voice  Professional
  • Keywords to include  Data science, AI, Julia
  • Context  Summary of Julia
  • Output length  Long
  • What/how Jasper should write using commands  Personal narrative Output With Above Settings Output With Above Settings

The output is a well put together, personal narrative (as requested) of a hypothetical data scientist who has tried out Julia and is sharing their overall thoughts on it without no specific, technical details.

Tools of

Jasper, like its competitors, has many built-in templates for writing generations. This includes the ability to produce product descriptions, SEO optimized paragraphs, simplified summary of writing, creative ideas and much more.


Jasper has perhaps the best user interface compared to all its competitors simply due to the introduction of workflows.

Below I have generated an entire blog post just using buttons and changing a word or two.

  • Jasper Workflow 1
  • Jasper Workflow 2
  • Jasper Workflow 3
  • Jasper Workflow 4
  • Jasper Workflow 5
  • Jasper Workflow 6
  • Jasper Workflow 7
  • Jasper Workflow 8 e1668714265953

As you can see, the ease of usage from Jasper’s interface is simply pleasant.

However, the generations are not all inter-connected. decides which outline is the best for your blog post and generates the paragraph’s title for you to follow and afterwards, you go paragraph by paragraph, slowly synthesizing the perfect blog post for you.

This seems like it will work no effort at all, right?

No, sometimes the generator considers the outline by itself, resulting in a paragraph that is not covered in your inputted subject.

As such, when users are creating a workflow, they should pay careful attention to the prompts they input in and the generated outline responds with.

This applies to other tools as well.

image 102
Content Improver not working as intended

One-shot Blog Post

image 103
Entire blog post generated by’s One Shot Blog Post tool

Any and all writing can also be checked from within the editor for grammar and plagiarism via Grammarly. However, that requires payment.

Boss Mode

If you are an individual or a group of content creator looking to write articles upon articles or in other words, long-form content, then this mode is comparable to having a hammer as a blacksmith.

Jasper’s Boss Mode provides you with a Google Docs style editor that integrates with Grammarly’s spellchecker and the option to also connect with SurferSEO’s keyword researcher and Copyscape’s plagiarism-checker.

On top of that, you get 3,000 character look back (context) so your writing will generate much more cohesive results.

Additionally, you are able to collaborate on documents, reaching maximum productivity.


Random (1) – “But then, what happens when dogs suddenly grow horns?”

image 104 freeform output

Without resorting to templates or tools, creates a coherent continuation of this random prompt without any major problems, earning itself a full point.

Academic (1) – “Write an academic journal research paper on the subject matter of ‘Practical application of AI in reducing road traffic’ “

image 105

Wonderful. This output is precisely the placeholder/general information that can be easily replaced with more concise details that I wanted out of the generator.

Professional (1) – “Write a professional proposal presentable to investors about a new business idea involving a new brand of coffee called ‘Caffeine King’ “.

image 108

As demonstrated in the output, the proposal narrative, the usage of professional vocabulary and the matter-of-fact are all attributes you’d want to simulate when writing a business proposal to a potential prospect.

Of course, by enriching the text with more revisions and details about your actual business, this could be turned into something practical very easily.

Narrative personality (1) – “Write a snarky article post about AI writing tools.”

123 1

Jasper continues to perform well with the change in tone for this prompt.

Keep in mind, the content brief and tone of voice settings are disabled when generating these articles.

It’s extremely convenient to just write out the tone of voice rather than having to tinker with customization.

Correspondence (1) – “Write an email about submitting a 7-day notice to quit job to project manager.”

image 107’s Output

It seems a bit short but that’s because I toggled the settings to short to see how Jasper would handle the prompt.

Jasper has yet to fail to meet expectations.


Rating: 5 out of 5.
  • Jasper is extremely versatile in handling prompts
  • Jasper’s text generations are quite accurate
  • Without careful consideration, it’s hard to distinguish the output as one from an AI
  • There are major benefits to having the option to customize writing structure and length
  • No plagiarism detected


Once you sign up, you receive a money-back guarantee trial that lasts 5 days, during which you are able to try out

For free, you are given 5 days to use the following:

  • 10,000 credits (words)
  • Workflow
  • 50+ templates/tools
  • 25+ languages
  • Grammarly spellchecker
  • Jasper commands

Afterward, if you wish to keep using Jasper’s AI, you will be able to once purchasing one of the below deals.

image 113
Pricing Packages of

Which translates to the summary below:

FeaturesStarter PlanBoss Mode Plan
Pricing (Starter)$29/mo$59/mo
Words Per Month20,00050,000
Short CopywritingYesYes
Long CopywritingNoYes
Jasper CommandsNoYes
Surfer SEO IntegrationNoYes
Word look back600 characters3,000 characters
Plagiarism CheckerNoYes
Multiple Language Support (25+)YesYes
Pricing Summary of

For 59$, you are able to use the Boss Mode which is perfect for content creators.

Having the option to write long-form content lets you continue your writing with the help of Jasper for as long as you deem it satisfactory or until it hits the word limit for the month.

The tool guarantees completely original content with no spelling or sentence mistakes.

  • offers a generous 5 day free-trial with 10,000 credits. They are also very transparent and offer you an extra 5000 credits if you cancel your trial.
  • 50+ templates/tools
  • 25+ languages (DeepL)
  • Output settings
  • Accurate and quick generations
  • Highly intuitive editor
  • Workflows for content creation
  • Tone of voice
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Spelling checker
  • SEO optimizer
  • Community
  • Free courses
  • Constant customer care
  • Highly reputable
  • Paid
  • More expensive than other tools
  • Workflows require some manual work to be put together sensibly
  • Jasper sometimes repeats itself if re-run on the same prompt
  • Some of the generated content have spelling mistakes or are localized which is caught by Grammarly

2. Copy.AI

  • One of the most popular text generation tools available
  • Short-form/long-form
  • Built their generator on GPT-3
  • 100+ templates for writing structure
  • 25+ languages supported
  • Free 7 day trial
  • Web-based
  • Handles blog posts

Copy.AI was released in 2020, founded by Paul Yacoubian and quickly gained massive popularity due to its generator’s effectiveness and practicality. Ever since then, they have only improved.

image 60
Copy.AI Dashboard

About Copy.AI

Copy.AI is built upon GPT-3 and finetuned it for certain themes and types of writing.

Whether it be blog posts, product analyses, emails, ad copies or SEO optimized writings or even just a humorous bit of writing for personal entertainment, Copy.AI is able to handle them.

It can also generate keywords and captions.

The tool is best used for generating precise and short length paragraphs about the type of writing you’re generating.

Using Copy.AI

You first input in the subject you would like to generate content in, then put in details about the outline of the document and finally choose a tone to reflect a personality in your writing.

The example provided below uses the “Freestyle” feature which enables you to generate most types of writing:

image 61

I put in one of my favorite comedians for an example and chose the ‘Witty’ tone and inputted in the structure of the writing.

Copy.AI then outputs 4 different variations of possible writings.

  • Slideshow 1 1
  • Slideshow 1 2
  • Slideshow 1 3
  • Slideshow 1 4

You can then choose whichever one seems the best to you and expand more upon it by generating “More Like This“.


Which, in my case, trailed off from the subject matter at hand.

Tools of Copy.AI

There are many features that Copy.AI provides to fit every need such as blog posts, articles and emails.

In fact, if you take a look at their current features list below, you will see that it has a total of 89 features available for your choosing:

screenshot 2022 11 12 191553
Feature list of Copy.AI

If you are blanking on how to write someone a happy birthday or having a hard time describing the difference between Coca-Cola and Pepsi, Copy.AI has got you covered.


Random (1) – “But then, what happens when dogs suddenly grow horns?”

  • Slideshow 2 1
  • Slideshow 2 2
  • Slideshow 2 3
  • Slideshow 2 4
  • Slideshow 2 5

This is generated by writing down the prompt and letting the generator do its thing. And surprisingly, it generated 4 rather cohesive continuations to this random day-dream of a question, earning it a point.

Academic (1) – “Write an academic journal research paper on the subject matter of ‘Practical application of AI in reducing road traffic‘”

  • Slideshow 3 1
  • Slideshow 3 2
  • Slideshow 3 3
  • Slideshow 3 4
  • Slideshow 3 5

Copy.AI doesn’t have an ‘academic’ tone, but in this case, professional worked out just fine. The output is tremendously practical and indistinguishable from actual academic output.

It even cites in APA7!

Academic research-wise, this AI writer earns a point.

Professional (1) – “Write a professional proposal presentable to investors about a new business idea involving a new brand of coffee called ‘Caffeine King.’ “

  • Slideshow 4 1
  • Slideshow 4 2
  • Slideshow 4 3
  • Slideshow 4 4
  • Slideshow 4 5

Copy.AI also writes about fictional brands as if they have an established brand with a long history. The generator creates bodies of text that are convincing and attention-grabbing. It earns a full point.

Narrative personality (1) – “Write a snarky article post about AI writing tools.”

  • Slideshow 5 1
  • Slideshow 5 2
  • Slideshow 5 3
  • Slideshow 5 4
  • Slideshow 5 5

Although it doesn’t add jokes or humor, it does add a certain personality to its generations when it comes to building a characterization behind the narrative. It earns a point.

Correspondence (1) – “Write an email about submitting a 7-day notice to quit job to project manager.”

  • Slideshow 6 1
  • Slideshow 6 2
  • Slideshow 6 3
  • Slideshow 6 4
  • Slideshow 6 5

Now that’s a resignation letter if I’ve ever read one. All of the copies are very professional and concise. The reasons are easily replaceable with more specific versions, making for a perfect resignation outline. It earns a point.


Rating: 5 out of 5.
  • Copy.AI’s AI writer has managed to handle every single prompt with efficiency and accuracy.
  • The AI writer had not a single instance of plagiarism.
  • It earns a perfect 10/10 in terms of copywriting.


Starting off, Copy.AI gives you a free trial of their pro plan, which gives you 7,000 words for a week to test and explore their most popular tools like Blog Post Wizard, Freestyle, and more!

After your trial, your account will convert back to the free plan.

  • Slideshow 7 1
  • Slideshow 7 2
  • Slideshow 7 3
  • Slideshow 7 4

If you would like to continue it after the free trial, you will be able to do so via their premium plans.

The plans are based on how many words you would be able to generate, from 40,000 words at 49$ a month to 300,000 words being 279$ a month.

That’s $0.001225 per word.

With the premium plan, you are able to use the tool in other languages, the blog wizard tool, and access beta tools.

  • Extremely versatile
  • Effective and accurate generations
  • Vast array of features and templates
  • Supports teams
  • 25+ languages
  • Solid reputation
  • Simple UI/UX
  • Limited free usage
  • The “more like this” feature can sometimes get side-tracked
  • Generations are short in terms of words

3. Copysmith

  • Limited free usage (7 day trial)
  • API
  • Addons
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Integrations (Google Docs, Microsoft Word etc.,)
  • Specialized for article writing (long-form content)
  • Collaboration oriented
  • Customization
  • Multiple output variants
  • Multiple languages
  • Multiple tones of voice

Copysmith was founded in 2020 by Katrina McKinnon.

This AI text generator is mostly oriented towards long-form article writing and content creation with an emphasis on collaboration and document editing.

image 156
Copysmith Creator

About Copysmith

If you and your team are looking for an AI writing assistant for your shared blog or project, then Copysmith is perfect for you.

The generator has all the presets you would need for content creation such as blog outlines, ideas and more.

The tools the editor provides lets you collaborate seamlessly with teammates to further improve and progress your writing.

With the added option of customizability, Copysmith is able to adjust its parameters to your liking.

Additionally, you have the option to bulk generate multiple article posts, product descriptions and more. However, you’d have to format your prompts accordingly in CSV format to do so.

Using Copysmith

With the free 7 day trial, you will get access to essentially all features of Copysmith, in which you are able to use the:

  • Content Rewriter – The content rewriter feature streamlines the entire process.
  • Product Description Generator – Write attractive, high-quality descriptions that do your products justice.
  • Content Ideas – Fantastic suggestions for collaborations, inventions, sponsorships, and more.
  • Blog Ideas – In only a few clicks, find fantastic blog ideas. Combine with other blog writing templates, the blog outline or intro generator.
  • And more…

All the tools you’d need to build a comprehensive article with the assistance of AI, you will find in Copysmith. In pretty much any language you want.

You are also able to adjust the output length, creativity, tone and output variant count (up to 5).

Simply head over to the editor, pick a preset you deem the most fitting for your purposes and adjust the settings to your liking. Once done, click generate to get the precise results you want.

Tools of Copysmith

Copysmith Editor

image 157
Copysmith Editor

As for Copysmith’s open-ended editor, it’s practical, efficient and simple to use.

The number of presets may be limited but it’s essentially everything a writer needs.

The customizations are understandable and clearly labeled.

Editor itself has flexible features that assists in you in structuring a layout you’re comfortable with.

With team members, you are able to collaborate on the editor, greatly increasing your team’s productivity with assignments and statuses.

image 158
Collaboration Fields in Copysmith Editor

SEO Optimization

Copysmith also offers SEO optimization tool for your article/writing’s relevancy.

Once you input a phrase or keyword regarding your writing, the engine retrieves the best keywords to increase the traffic to your content.

image 159
Copysmith’s SEO Optimization tool

Bulk Copy Tool

image 160
Bulk Copy Tool of Copysmith

If you need long-form content generated en masse, then you’re in luck because Copysmith has just the right tool for the job. Bulk Copy allows a user to upload a CSV file with appropriate formatting to repeatedly work the AI until the CSV’s rows run out.


Random (1) – “But then, what happens when dogs suddenly grow horns?”

image 162

Using the command present, this prompt was generated using the ‘adventurous’ tone.

The copy is perfectly within the scope of the prompt. There are no formatting errors and the subject matter is considered in each paragraph.

Academic (1) – “Write an academic journal research paper on the subject matter of ‘Practical application of AI in reducing road traffic’ “

image 163

The output is perfectly within expectations. Copysmith works very well on this prompt, adapting a professional vocabulary and tone, structuring the text correctly with introductions and backgrounds, only to be continued by main body and conclusion without any major mistakes.

Professional (0.75) – “Write a professional proposal presentable to investors about a new business idea involving a new brand of coffee called ‘Caffeine King’ “.

image 164

The core message of the text doesn’t really translate to ‘trying to convince the investors’. But the general idea is executed well enough that it’s hard to say it got it wrong.

Narrative personality (1) – “Write a snarky article post about AI writing tools.”

Write a snarky article post about AI writing tools.

image 165

Now this is a great copy. The change in tone is reflected in the text, the way it is written is most definitely casual and text-book snarky. Perfect.

Correspondence (1) – “Write an email about submitting a 7-day notice to quit job to project manager.”

image 166

This prompt was handled precisely and effectively.


Rating: 5 out of 5.
  • No plagiarism detected
  • Copysmith’s command generator is very accurate
  • Long-form content generation being available just adds to the compliments
  • Formatting has no errors whatsoever
  • The editor is simple and fun to use
  • Generation speed is quick


Upon account creation, you are given a week to try out Copysmith to its full extent.

After which, you are able to pick from one of the below pricing plans:

image 167

With a relatively economical plan, you are granted pretty much the same features for both Starter and Professional plan, albeit the difference in quota.

The starter pack gets you 40,000 words between two people while the professional pack gets you workspace slots for 5 people and 260,000 words.

  • 1$ = 2105 words, approximately, for starter packs.
  • 1$ = 4,400 words, approximately, for professional packs.

Additionally, you can get the enterprise plan by contacting the Copysmith team. The plan will grant you unlimited generation and all features being enabled, with a custom number of workspaces created just for you, scalable at your demand.

  • Highly accurate
  • Bulk generation
  • Integrations
  • API
  • Simple and effective
  • Tone of narration
  • Variants in output
  • Use-cases with custom context fields
  • Perfect formatting
  • Very practical
  • Paid

4. GPT-3

  • Mostly free
  • Powerful API
  • Original contemporary AI text generator
  • Highly customizable
  • Multiple models
  • Model fine-tuning (own model)
  • Clustering via embedded models
  • Extremely versatile
  • Well documented
  • Simple editor
  • Requires phone to acquire account

GPT-3 was founded in 2020 by OpenAI team.

As the building block for all its off-shoots, GPT-3 stands at the center with 175 billion paramters.

The GPT-3 engine is both robust and efficient, able to generate any type of content just with text prompts.

OpenAI’s next model, GPT-4, is said to contain 100 trillion parameters for usage in generation.

We can only imagine.

image 17
GPT-3 Playground Dashboard

About GPT-3

Whether you’re a writing enthusiast, AI researcher, data scientist, novelist or a university student taking some time off to take an interest in NLP, GPT-3 is for you.

If you want to understand what an AI for text generation is, then this AI writer is for you to experiment with, to practice with.

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the way GPT-3 handles user input, its many customizations and capabilities, you will be able to assess other derivations much more thoroughly and make the right choice for you.

A note to mention before delving into the inner working of GPT-3 is the fact that GPT-3 uses ‘Tokens’ as opposed to words or characters.
image 173Token example
So output length, pricing and similar concerns are measured in ‘Tokens’.

Using GPT-3

Once you sign up using your mobile number, you will be able to access the GPT-3 playground.


The way the playground works is simple. You input in some text in whatever shape or form you want in the editor and click generate after adjusting the settings to your liking.

image 171
GPT-3 Playground in Action

There are many customizations to fiddle with until you can get the most optimized generations for your writing.

Tools of GPT-3

image 172
Features of GPT-3 Playground


You are able to pick from 3 modes:

  • You can tell GPT-3 to complete your text.
  • You can use GPT-3 to insert in a section between two texts that you wish to complete.
  • You can tell GPT-3 to edit your text with the given instructions.


Being the original NLP-as-a-service, GPT-3 has presets upon presets, upon presets, and on top of presets.

  • GPT 3 Slideshow 1
  • GPT 3 Slideshow 2
  • GPT 3 Slideshow 3

From conversational dialogue generating, to describing a movie with emojis, GPT-3 can do it all.

Any and all types of review, essays, blog outlines, ideas, shrinking, extending, AI personas and much, much more presets will be open for you to use.


You are able to pick from many contemporary as well as old models that the GPT-3 engine uses, of which the most important are:

  • Davinci – Most robust model, able to handle every task, especially open-ended questions, complex sentences, summarization etc.,
  • Cutie – Fast and cheaper than Davinci, great for translation, classification etc.,
  • Babbage – One of the faster models, less effective, practical or moderate classification and semantic search
  • Ada – Cheapest and fastest model, convenient for keywords, text parsing and simple classification


There are many customizations you can make for your expected output. And since it’s called ‘playground’, you should explore all the features!

  • You are also given the option to control the randomness of your output via the Temperature settings
  • Set a limit on how many characters generated via Maximum Length
  • Stop sequences to format your generations to your desired structure
  • Prompt relevancy tolerance via Top-P
  • Frequency and Presence Penalty to limit repetitiveness and increasing new subject exploration.
  • Best of to filter out only the best result after generating a number of desired and varying outputs.
  • Start and Restart text injection to see what the model is generating or to better format your writing.
  • Probability Show for debugging (token probability)

API convenience

You are able to convert your current editor to API format instantly via the ‘Code’ button.


Random (1) – “But then, what happens when dogs suddenly grow horns?”

image 174

Without any contextual settings or structure, GPT-3 generates a factual and entirely possible academic study about dogs with horns, fulfilling the prompt’s expectations flawlessly by handling the randomness without any problems.

Academic (1) – “Write an academic journal research paper on the subject matter of ‘Practical application of AI in reducing road traffic’ “

image 176

An academic journal regarding the usage of artificial intelligence as a solution for increased road traffic was the subject and the expected output was at minimum an introductory statement about AIs, how they can be integrated in real life for practical solutions and mentioning traffic problems that are being caused for the public and somehow connecting these subjects to one another. GPT-3 handles this flawlessly.

Professional (1) – “Write a professional proposal presentable to investors about a new business idea involving a new brand of coffee called ‘Caffeine King’ “.

image 177

Although it doesn’t contain the perfect formatting, the ‘marketing for a new brand’ tone is there as it describes the fictional brand in a highly positive light.

Narrative personality (1) – “Write a snarky article post about AI writing tools.”

image 178

The usage of narration perspective and tone here clearly shows one of casual/cheery personality and outlines the article writer’s charm distinctively.

Correspondence (1) – “Write an email about submitting a 7-day notice to quit job to project manager.”

image 179

The generated placeholder is highly practical and can be used as an outline for when the occasion rises and professionalism is required.


Rating: 5 out of 5.
  • No plagiarism detected
  • GPT-3 is extremely versatile
  • Sometimes the generations contain errors but after regenerations or adjustments, these are ironed out
  • All the generations were practical
  • The editor only requires text or instruction, making it fun and easy to use
  • Generation speed is very quick


Once you’ve created a new account, you are given 18$ credit to spend as you wish (all features available), which expires after 4 months.

Your usage of the 18$ is calculated via the amount of requests and completion of tokens as seen below.

image 180
Text generation costs classified by models

To use the most powerful model, Davinci, you will be charged 0.0200$ per 1,000 tokens.

Other pricing plans concern the user’s own customized models for their personal usage.

As seen below, fine-tuning your own model costs you 0.03$ per 1,000 tokens for Davinci.

To use that custom model, will cost you 0.12$ per 1,000 tokens.

Embedding models for clustering and classification for Danvici costs 0.2$ per 1,000 tokens.

image 181
Custom Pricing Models
  • Free credits upon landing
  • Robust
  • Effective
  • Accurate
  • Versatile
  • Numerous presets
  • Multiple models
  • APIs
  • Handling code
  • Customizability
  • Paid after repeated use
  • Hard to get used to parameters
  • Generation sometimes repeats itself

5. Rytr

  • Free
  • API
  • Simple UI
  • Cost effective
  • Short-form writing
  • Multiple output variants
  • Multiple languages
  • Multiple tones of voice

Rytr was founded in 2021 by Abhi Godarais and is perhaps the best AI writing assistant you can use if you value simplicity and execution speed as well as cost-effectiveness.

The user-friendly interface achieves this without sacrificing much functionality.

image 148
Rytr Dashboard

About Rytr

If you are looking for simplicity in output at a fraction of the cost or even for free, then Rytr is for you.

The user interface is very simple with the above example being basically all there is to it.

It can be a very convenient tool for individuals looking for a free AI writing assistant that can also set tones of voice, translate to different languages and offer basically every in-demand templates.

Using Rytr

Once you have signed up, you will be redirected immediately to the editor where you will have to choose your:

  • Language
  • Tone of voice
  • Use-case (template)

Then, all you really have to do is write a little bit of text for the Rytr to continue and there you have it.

One thing to note is the lack of ability to cohesively comprehend long-form text by the Rytr editor. Once you have a topic generated, the output is all you have and trying to continue the text may result in lower quality results.

Additionally, once you have written down/generated some text in the editor, you will be able to extend, rephrase or improve it using in-line commands.

Tools of Rytr

Rytr Editor

image 150
Rytr editor

Rytr’s editor is quite minimalistic with one panel for customizations and one panel for editing.

You will be able to choose use-cases which will alter the customization panel to fit the need for its structuring. For example, in the above snapshot, since Blog Section Writing use-case is chosen, the additional fields that are added are Section Topic and Section Keywords.

This will ensure fully optimized text.

Regardless of use-cases, you are also able to adjust the number of variants (up to 3) in output as well as the liberty for creativity.


Random (1) – “But then, what happens when dogs suddenly grow horns?”

image 151

Using the section writing as an open editor, we will input in every prompt.

In this case, the output matches well with the topic as Rytr outputs two variants describing an article that is interconnected with the dogs with horns prompt.

Academic (1) – “Write an academic journal research paper on the subject matter of ‘Practical application of AI in reducing road traffic’ “

image 152

Although the main body text is missing, the intro part is well formulated and meets the prompt’s expectations.

The information is just general enough to be used as an outline for detailed writing.

Professional (1) – “Write a professional proposal presentable to investors about a new business idea involving a new brand of coffee called ‘Caffeine King’ “.

image 153

Although I’ve tried the ‘business idea pitch’ for this particular prompt to match topics, the result was unsatisfactory. However, the section writing still produced a properly structured output that can serve as a placeholder for our Caffeine King brand.

Narrative personality (0.5) – “Write a snarky article post about AI writing tools.”

image 154

For this prompt, although Rytr had the right idea, the narrative tone did not change from formal, even after multiple attempts.

The text body is correct and within the scope of the subject but the added ‘snarky’ keyword and the ‘humorous’ tone are nowhere to be observed.

Correspondence (1) – “Write an email about submitting a 7-day notice to quit job to project manager.”

image 155

This prompt was handled perfectly.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
  • No plagiarism detected
  • Rytr’s outputs are always coherent and has no spelling or formatting mistakes
  • Difficult to continue/expand upon current generations
  • Tone of narration sometimes doesn’t work
  • Every now and then, the generator doesn’t run since it couldn’t find any way to comprehend the prompt


Once you sign up for an account, you will be granted 10,000 free credits to use however you please.

Keep in mind that each credit is equal to one character generated, so that is 10,000 characters or roughly 1428 words.

Of course, after a month, the credits will replenish.

image 149
Rytr Pricing

The premium packages are incredibly economic since 9$ will get you most, if not everything, you can get from Rytr, while 29$ will get you unlimited usage of all of Rytr’s features.

  • Free usage
  • API
  • Simple and effective
  • Tone of narration
  • Variants in output
  • Use-cases with custom context fields
  • Perfect formatting
  • Takes a while to process
  • Some features bug out sometimes
  • Difficult to create long-form content
  • No customization in length of output

6. AI21 Studio

  • Limited free usage
  • API
  • Chats/coding/long-form/classification handling
  • Summarization
  • Customizable
  • Multiple models to pick from
  • You can generate your own model

AI21 was co-founded by Christine Caine and Nick Caine as a possible competitor to OpenAI’s GPT-3 engine.

Their products are based on their own models, which includes Wordtune and AI21 Studio.

AI21 Labs has been developing their own language model, ‘Jurassic-1,‘ which varies to:

  • J1-Jumbo with 178 billion parameters
  • J1-Grande with 17 billion parameters
  • J1-Large with 7.5 billion parameters
image 131
AI21 Studio Playground

About AI21

AI21 Studio’s dashboard is similar to GPT-3’s playground with adjustable settings, open-ended writing and multiple models to choose from.

Their biggest model, Jumbo, has 178 billion parameters. Compared to GPT-3’s 175 billion parameters, that’s 3 billion more.

300 billion tokens from English-language websites, including Wikipedia, news sources, StackExchange, and others made up the training dataset for Jurassic-1’s Jumbo.

With this, it’s simple for users to train a special model for their own purpose using just 50–100 training examples.

In terms of accuracy, it can be argued that GPT-3 and AI21 are comparable. However, from this comparison article, it seems AI21 edges it out in understanding more complexities and human phrases. However, it still doesn’t completely outclass GPT-3 and the latter still has its own advantages.

Using AI21

Usages of this tool varies from individual to individual, as it is a NLP-as-a-service.

For people looking to get a better grasp of NLP and the inner workings of the Jurassic-1 engine, the custom model training and various customizations in output are interesting. It can be used and optimized to the point of creating the perfect text generations for your needs.

However, for individuals looking for simply an AI that can assist in your writing, the AI21 Studio can also work. In fact, the various presets of the playground can come in very handy when creating long-form content and other various specialized texts.

Once you get to the website and opened up an account, you will be immediately granted your free 90$ credits and ready to generate. Just head over to the playground, pick the best model and the best fitting preset and generate away.

Tools of AI21

AI21 Studio Playground

image 132
AI21 Studio Playground

With similar features to GPT-3, you are able to choose from numerous presets such as:

image 134
  • Customer Service
  • Classification
  • Code generator
  • Information extractor
  • Long and short form generation
  • Summarization and more

After which, you will be able to pick which model you want to generate with. Of course, the biggest model, Jumbo, will generate text that’s most accurate but in turn, the processing costs for running the model is reflected heavily.

So if you are looking to transform a single sentence or finish up a paragraph with some similar content, using one of the smaller models is more cost effective.

image 135

Customization-wise, you will be able to determine the output’s length, how much creative liberty it can take, repetition tolerance and stop sequences.

image 136

You are also able to rewrite your texts to an appropriate structure using the rewriting tool. It also offers a tone of voice to dictate vocabulary usage.

image 137

Training Custom Models

image 139
Training Custom Model

AI21 Studio also offers the possibility for you to upload a dataset for NLP training. With this feature, you will be able to create your own AI writing generator that’s custom tailored towards your desired writing style.

The custom model will be built on one of AI21’s Jurassic-1 models so it will turn out better than any model built from scratch.


Random (0.75) – “But then, what happens when dogs suddenly grow horns?”

image 143

Using the best model and keeping the default settings, AI21 Studio’s AI text generator continues the odd prompt in a dialogue style, going back and forth about the bubonic plague and dog horns.

This is an acceptable result.

Academic (0.75) – “Write an academic journal research paper on the subject matter of ‘Practical application of AI in reducing road traffic’ “

image 144

The intro part of the output has some spelling problems but once it gets to the main text it starts to work well. It seems the generated text came from a sort of e-mail and was put together with paraphrased words.

Nevertheless, it has worked.

Professional (1) – “Write a professional proposal presentable to investors about a new business idea involving a new brand of coffee called ‘Caffeine King’ “.

image 145

Changed models for dynamic output

The generated text matches our prompt perfectly well as it outlines the proposal in general terms. Certain parts can be easily replaced to get a proper proposal.

Narrative personality (1) – “Write a snarky article post about AI writing tools.”

image 146

The generator lays the foundation of a well written article about AI writers nicely, fulfilling the prompt’s expectations.

Correspondence (1) – “Write an email about submitting a 7-day notice to quit job to project manager.”

image 147

Now that is a perfect generation. The email is both professional and re-usable.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
  • AI21’s models have varying capabilities (for better writing instruction guided model, pick Grande)
  • The results are completely original (or at least paraphrased so)
  • Generated texts can possibly contain misspelling
  • Overall accurate and versatile generator


Once you sign up for an account (with mobile verification), you will be granted a 90$ credit that you can spend as you wish.

image 140
AI21 Text Generation Pricing

AI21 Studio’s pricing is separate for text generation, rewriting and custom models.

But the minimum price to pay would be 29$.

Using the purchased credit is simple. Every time you call the API, rewrite, generate text or train your model, the cost will be charged from your remaining credits.

Each rewrite and request will be charged.

image 141
AI21 Rewriting Costs

So will training custom models. ‘Training epoch’ is essentially optimizing your model over and over again. Just one epoch is unlikely to result in the best result, so at least 3-5 is always recommended for better outputs.

image 142
AI21 Custom Model Training costs

Any charges exceeding your credits will be billed from your next month’s payment.

  • Free 90$ credits upon landing
  • Real competitor to GPT-3
  • Highly versatile
  • Customization available
  • Multiple models to pick from
  • Custom model training
  • Long-form, short-form content handling
  • API
  • Charges based on usage
  • Paid after trial
  • Some of the models work poorly (the only reason for them to still be an option is for cost efficiency)
  • Some results have spelling mistakes
  • Some features still in beta access

7. Wordtune

  • Free
  • Extension/integration
  • Reliable re-phrasing
  • Shorten/expand sentences/paragraphs
  • Convenient browser assistant/studio
  • Available for teams and individuals
  • Simple editor with automatic editorial recommendations

Wordtune is a browser extension that rephrases your sentences to various convenient forms to assist in your writing.

It was founded by AI21 Labs in 2018.

Their products are based on their own models, which includes Wordtune and AI21 Studio.

image 125
Wordtune Editor in Action

About Wordtune

Unlike other stand-alone software, Wordtune is best utilized as an extension on whatever platform you are currently using such as writing a Facebook post, editing a Google Docs file and more.

Its handy re-phrasing tool will create a more dynamic flow in your writing by setting the tone, shortening or extending the length.

Just install the extension, select any text on your browser (editable) and click Ctrl+D to re-phrase the sentence.

Using Wordtune

Once you have it installed and ready to go, you can call it on any form of text editor on your browser.

It will show up to suggest rewrites every time you’re done with a sentence, offering multiple variants it could either be summarized, extended or changed in tone.

Whilst writing your business emails or chatting with an important individual, formal tone rewriting comes in handy. If you’re looking to change up how you type and use some creative wording to restructure your sentences for your friends or audiences, the casual tone works best.

Tools of Wordtune

Wordtune Editor & Re-phrase

image 127
Wordtune Editor ‘Formal’ Re-phrase

If you want to get more in-depth suggestions on your writing, head over to Wordtune’s Editor to use their editor.

image 128
Wordtune’s Editor’s Notes Panel
  • Casual: This renders the sentence less serious and more casual.
  • Formal: This gives the text a more corporate and polished tone. A  great way to write to your manager.
    Simplifying: Simplify your sentences to convey as much information as you can in the fewest words.
  • Expanding: Useful when you need to convey an idea in the most comprehensive and thorough manner possible without making it seem superfluous.
  • Rephrasing: Offers improved language and different wording for the same sentence.

Wordtune Read

image 129
Wordtune Read Dashboard

Wordtune Read is a separate tool provided by AI21 and is currently in beta release.

The tool summarizes and replaces entire paragraphs from a body of text. It’s essentially a larger version of Wordtune.


Wordtune is actually free to use.

You get 10 re-writes per day.

image 130
Wordtune Pricing

And as you see in the above snapshot, there is only one premium package either for individuals or teams. The premium package provides unlimited rewrites (all types) per month for 10$.

As a team, you can split the bill between the members if you opt for the premium for teams.

  • Free
  • Convenient usage
  • Browser extension
  • Budget-friendly
  • Multiple suggestions
  • No mistakes
  • Editor available with insights
  • Limited to 10 re-writes a day
  • Difficult to use on large bodies of text
  • Unable to generate from prompts

8. InkForAll (INK)

  • Free
  • Available on desktop (Mac OS, Linux, Windows)
  • WordPress Plugin available
  • Multiple tools and features (AI art generator, SEO analysis etc.,)
  • Convenient interface
  • Interestingly niche free-writing templates (breakup text, hero & villain story etc.,)
  • Tone of voice
  • Dyslexia and color blindness mode
  • Handy image finder
  • Handy keyword analysis sidebar
image 80
InkForAll Editor

INK was co-founded in 2017 by Alexander De RidderMichael Umansky and Gary Haymann as a SEO optimization agency that has recently started including AI writing as their main product after building atop the GPT-3 model.

About INK

INK is able to handle most types of writing.

You have the option to generate in a narrative tone of voice whilst choosing specific text structures from the tools panel.

Unlike Copy.AI, it is fair to determine this AI writer as a writing assistant rather than writing generator.

The quality of INK’s open-ended writing generations are not poor but they are also less than sensible.

However, their template generations are up-to-par with the industry’s competitors.

INK writer’s features list include:

  • Content planner
  • SEO analysis
  • Image finder
  • Various writing templates with multiple variations

Using INK

Long form editor

Once you get to the editor, you will be able to start typing away directly using the long form editor.

Similar to other tools, you are able to generate writing just by the click of a button.

However, it does not have customization on how much text to produce or what type, going by the preceding text and where the text was located.

image 81
InkForAll Editor in Action

The editor seems to lose the guidance of the initial prompt and base its generation only on the previous sentence or two.

Image Finder

If you wanted to add some media to your writing to get a general idea of how a blog post would look like for example, you can use the image finder to easily insert an image to your editor.

image 84
Inserting images in the editor via Image Finder

SEO Analysis

INK also provides a key phrase’s online relevancy analysis.

image 85
SEO Analysis Tool in action

By using this feature, you will be able to determine whether or not the writing you are producing will have relevancy and using that information, you are offered multiple paragraphs and topics to increase the aforementioned parameter.

The end result is a paragraph that will definitely show up when a user searches for a topic associated with it.

Tools of INK

INK’s forte is its integrated workspace.

image 86
INK’s editor

The workspace has essentially everything you need to construct an intriguing and consistent article/writing for whatever subject you may need it in.

image 87
Sample set of INK’s tools

Using some of the tools, you are able to generate paragraphs with the click of a button such as the ‘Creative Story’ tool.

image 88
AI generated paragraphs about a donkey and a mule

The text editor has all the tools required for article/blog post formatting as well as media files enabled. It also has spellchecking, dyslexia/color blindness modes for ease-of-access.

It can even generate breakup texts!


Random (0) – “But then, what happens when dogs suddenly grow horns?”

image 90

INK’s editor was able to generate a cohesive paragraph with sensible sentences from the above prompt but it was unable to integrate the content in the subject. The generated content had no mentions of horned dogs and after 2, 3 generations, was unable to function further.

The template for creative writing partially handled the prompt but it was nothing noteworthy.

Academic (0.75) – “Write an academic journal research paper on the subject matter of ‘Practical application of AI in reducing road traffic’ “

The editor was able to handle this prompt fairly well.

image 92

But taking a closer look at the generation, it can be seen that the writing has little to no substance. It sticks to the subject at hand but it adds irrelevant/overly complicated details as if paraphrasing from another writing rather than constructing a general writing that can be used by the average university student.

Professional (0.75) – “Write a professional proposal presentable to investors about a new business idea involving a new brand of coffee called ‘Caffeine King’ “.

image 93

INK’s output for this prompt is cohesive and sticks to the subject. The tone of voice is also there with sentences structured to showcase the product.

However, the text generated also has the same problem as the academic prompt’s output. The writing includes in itself unnecessary details and contexts that aren’t associated with the prompt.

A way to circumvent this was to create a product showcase and integrate it onto the proposal.

image 94
INK Product Showcase Generator

These generations are actually very good placeholders for a product proposal. Unfortunately, it doesn’t adapt the ‘proposal’ tone.

Narrative personality (1) – “Write a snarky article post about AI writing tools.”

image 95

INK was able to perfectly handle this prompt as the output is structured similar to a blog post, has a narrative personality that can be considered snarky and it sticks to the subject at hand well.

Correspondence (1) – “Write an email about submitting a 7-day notice to quit job to project manager.”

image 96

It started a bit too casual but the resignation notice started to take shape really well. The tone is professional and cohesive.

INK earns a point here.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
  • INK’s able to handle most prompts well, but falters to some of the unusual inputs
  • INK’s tools are able to generate most forms of content a writer could want
  • The open editor of INK is very convenient and features everything you need for structuring writing
  • There were no plagiarism detected.


InkForAll is mostly free but has limited features compared to the paid plans.

For free, you are given:

  • 2,000 words generated
  • 150+ templates
  • 12 AI art generations
  • 3 SEO analysis
  • 7 day free trial of professional package

The tool has monthly and annual subscription plans (annual gets you 3 months free).

image 97
InkForAll Pricing Plans

The ‘Starter’ package gets you:

  • Unlimited words generated
  • 200 AI art generated
  • Customer support
  • Unlimited revisions

For 59$, you are able to generate as much content as you want.

Getting the professional package will grant you the usage of content planner which can optimize your content by offering insights which are automatically generated to improve your writing’s performance on the web by using the keywords you fed into the tool.

Essentially, it’s similar to keyword research and clustering.

  • Free
  • 150+ templates
  • Convenient IDE
  • All-in-one tool for blog posts and articles
  • Templates can be generated with narrative tone
  • Paid package grants unlimited word generation
  • Desktop available (Windows, Mac OS, Linux)
  • WordPress Plugin
  • Some of the generated content doesn’t always hit the mark
  • Limited usage for free accounts
  • No customization for outputs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an AI Writer?

An AI writer is a machine learning model that has been trained on a large amount of human generated data and has learned to put together and understand sentences.

How does an AI Writer work?

AI writers start processing the text you input using its previously trained parameters and output the highest probability “completion” to it.

What is GPT-3?

GPT-3 is one of the largest AI text generation engine created by OpenAI. It is also the foundation of most AI writers nowadays.

Why are there so many AI writers all of a sudden?

After the launch of GPT-3, AI writing became much more accurate and precise, being applicable in real life. Thus, it quickly surged in popularity, inviting in thousands of entrepreneurs.

How can you create your own AI writer?

You have two options to choose from:

  1. Building your own model from scratch
  2. Finetuning current models (Jurassic-1, GPT-3 etc.,)

Because NLP (Natural Language Processing) models require tremendous amounts of data to function even half-decently, it’s best to go with the latter route.

Is AI writing any good?

Yes. With the advent of technology and developments, AI assisted writing has only become more human-like and accurate with more data to train on.

How accurate are AI writers?

Depends on the usage. If you input in the correct prompt with the right settings, on the right model – you will get exactly what you expected. Hoping for the best rarely works.

Can you write essays with AI writers?

You are able to write long-form, academic, APA7 formatted essays on complex, applied science related topics without any problems. Just make sure to include citations.

Do AI writers support multiple languages?

Yes, by using translation services in tandem (DeepL, Google Translate), services nowadays are able to support most spoken languages.

Can AI replace human writers?

This is debatable. AI can and will replicate the run-of-the-mill, worn down subjects related articles and sometimes even improve it. Whether it can relate to humans and display true creativity remains to be seen.

What are the pros and cons of AI writing tools?

The benefits of AI writers are the ability to move past writers block, generate articles within a minute’s notice, structuralize your writing, learn about subjects without having to search, automate customer service and other repetitive tasks.

The cons of AI writing tools would be the fact that the internet becomes saturated with poorly made, AI generated articles and information becomes difficult to distinguish between genuine and synthesized.


AI writers have become widely popular amongst various content creators, writers and AI enthusiasts.

The internet’s content cocktail is quickly filling up with thousands and thousands of AI generated articles.

In this time of over-saturated journalism/content-creation markets, I hope you will be able to pick the best writing assistant that will help polish your content to its best possible shape using this listicle.

With the release of GPT-4, the tides of writing will surely be taking unexpected flows.

Thank you for reading!

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