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Best Arms for Ultrawide Monitors 2023


Are you experiencing pain or discomfort in the back of your neck, lower back, or shoulders? Are you working long hours on your computer? If yes, then it is probably a good time to invest in a monitor arm. This article will help you pick the right one for your particular need. We will also discuss what factors you should keep in mind before you purchase one.

Monitor Arms are mechanical arms that allow you to attach your monitor to them. They sit comfortably attached to your desk. Further, these arms allow you to adjust your monitor’s position conveniently. By doing this, you can get the perfect viewing angle of the screen. This, in turn, helps you to maintain a good posture while you are working.

Maintaining a good posture is essential to your well-being. An ergonomically well-designed workstation can go a long way in ensuring good posture and good health.

Best Ultrawide Monitor Arms – Our Picks

ImageProductDetailsCheck Price
Ergotron – HX Single Ultrawide Monitor Arm on Amazon
Ergotron – HX Single Ultrawide Monitor Arm Monitor Size: up to 49”
Monitor Weight: up to 42lbs
Motion: Tilt, Swivel, Rotation, and Height
Mounting: C-clamp and Grommet
Buy on Amazon
Vivo Premium Aluminum Heavy Duty Arm on Amazon
Vivo Premium Aluminum Heavy Duty Arm Monitor Size: up to 32”
Monitor Weight: up to 33lbs
Motion: Tilt, Swivel, Rotation, and Height
Mounting: C-Clamp and Grommet
Buy on Amazon
NB North Bayou Monitor Desk Mount on Amazon
NB North Bayou Monitor Desk Mount Monitor Size: up to 42”
Monitor Weight: up to 33lbs
Motion: Tilt, Swivel, Rotation, and Height
Mounting: C-Clamp and Grommet
Buy on Amazon
Amazon Basics Single Monitor Stand on Amazon
Amazon Basics Single Monitor Stand Monitor Size: up to 32”
Monitor Weight: up to 25lbs
Motion: Tilt, Swivel, Rotation, and Height
Mounting: C-clamp only
Buy on Amazon
AVLT Single Monitor Arm on Amazon
AVLT Single Monitor Arm Monitor Size: up to 38”
Monitor Weight: up to 31lbs
Motion: Tilt, Swivel, Rotation, and Height
Mounting: C-clamp and Grommet
Buy on Amazon
Huanuo Single Monitor Mount Stand on Amazon
Huanuo Single Monitor Mount Stand Monitor Size: up to 35”
Monitor Weight: up to 26lbs
Motion: Tilt, Swivel, Rotation, and Height
Mounting: C-clamp and Grommet
Buy on Amazon
Ergotron – LX Single Monitor Arm on Amazon
Ergotron – LX Single Monitor Arm Monitor Size: up to 36”
Monitor Weight: up to 25lbs
Motion: Tilt, Swivel, Rotation, and Height
Mounting: C-clamp and Grommet (not included with white variant)
Buy on Amazon
WALI Single GSM001XL Monitor Arm on Amazon
WALI Single GSM001XL Monitor Arm Monitor Size: up to 35”
Monitor Weight: up to 33lbs
Motion: Tilt, Swivel, Rotation, and Height
Mounting: C-clamp and Grommet
Buy on Amazon

1. Ergotron HX Single Ultrawide Monitor Arm – Our Premium Pick

Ultrawide Monitors give you a great viewing experience. Unfortunately, they are bulky and occupy too much space on your desk. Once placed on your desk, it is difficult to adjust a bulky monitor. It often results in you having to move around everything kept on your desk.

Fortunately, Ergotron’s – HX Single Ultrawide Monitor Arm comes to your rescue. You can use screens as big as 49 inches. Also, the arm can bear a load of up to 42 lbs. These are easily some of the highest numbers you will see for these parameters.

Additionally, it offers a tilt angle of over 75 degrees, 360 degrees of rotation, 23.6 inches of extension, and 11.5 inches of height adjustment. This arm is ideal for gamers who require huge monitors. It conveniently allows them to adjust the position of the monitor to its perfect viewing angle. All of these options help you get your monitor set up in the ergonomic sweet spot.

The arm comes with a c-clamp and a grommet. This allows for the firm installation of the arm on your desk. The VESA plate comes in 75X75, 100X100, 200X100, and 200X200 configurations.

There is no doubt that this Monitor Arm from Ergotro packs a punch. However, this comes at a substantial cost to the buyer. This is where we feel that the Ergorton HX Monitor Arm could have done better. It offers an undeniable advantage in screen size and weight, but does this justify the price? We leave it to the reader to decide.

Our Take

If you use a screen size greater than 35 inches, you must consider the weight of the screen before buying. As a result, this Ergotron – HX Monitor arm may prove to be a natural choice as there are very few arms to support such bulky monitors. Further, Ergotron offers a ten years warranty on the product. This is testimony to the build quality of the product and the faith that the manufacturers put into it.

  • Monitor size up to 49 inches
  • Monitor weight up to 42 lbs
  • Ten years warranty
  • Cable management
  • Price

2. Vivo Premium Aluminum Heavy Duty Arm – Best Value for Money

If you are searching for a mid-range Monitor Arm, VIVO offers a pretty good deal. This Monitor Arm from VIVO supports screen sizes of up to 32 inches, and the monitor weighs between 2.2 lbs and 33 lbs. It has an Aluminum body which means it is sturdy and wouldn’t break very easily.

The arm comes with C-clap and Grommet installations. However, the VESA plate offers only two configurations, which are 75X75 and 100X100. You will not have a problem installing your flat screen or curved monitors with this arm setup.

This Monitor Arm offers excellent ergonomics. You can tilt, swivel, and rotate the screen with great ease. This is thanks to its Pneumatic spring which supports these movements easily. It ensures you do not have to wrestle with the arm to find the perfect viewing angle.

As expected, tilt angles range between -45 and +45 degrees. Whereas the swivel angle is a full 180 degrees. On the rotation front, you only get to rotate 180 degrees. Apart from this, you can get a height adjustment of up to 13 inches.

This arm is shipped with an Allen key. What is this used for? Apart from the installation, you can use this Allen key to adjust the tension on the load-bearing arm. You may like to customize the resistance depending on the weight of the monitor.

Our Take

The monitor arm from VIVO offers excellent utility. It gives you all the functionality you expect from similar Ultrawide Monitor Arms. It is easy to install and offers customization to suit your liking. The range of movements ensures greater ergonomics that deliver the perfect viewing angle to maintain a good posture.

All of this is offered at a reasonable price making this a great product. The cherry on top comes in the guise of a 3-year warranty and customer support to troubleshoot your concerns.

  • Aluminum body for stronger built
  • Pneumatic Spring for smooth movement
  • Cable management
  • Value for money
  • The rotation motion is not 360 degrees.
  • Limited VESA configurations

3. NB North Bayou Monitor Desk Mount

This Ultrawide Monitor Arm supports Monitor screens up to 42 inches in size and up to 33 lbs in weight. Obviously, the Ergotro HX trumps these numbers, but only just. However, NB North Bayou promises you considerable savings on your purchase. Hence, a careful comparison is in order.

Like VIVO’s monitor arm, this arm from NB North Bayou is also made of Aluminum. This ensures it is lightweight yet sturdy enough to support large screen monitors, which tend to be heavy.

With this arm, you get the full range of movements, i.e., tilt, swivel, rotation, and height adjustments. However, we must admit the tilt angles left us wanting more. These are just limited from -12 to +12 degrees. It allows you 360 degrees rotation angle and 180 degrees of swivel. You can raise or lower the height by 17.1 inches. Additionally, you also get the tension control feature like we saw in VIVO’s Monitor Arm. So, you have the option to customize it to your preference.

For the mounting option, you get both the c-clamp and the grommet mounts to anchor the monitor securely. A word of caution, though, the VESA plate measures118mmX118mm and is not compatible with all sizes. To be specific, you only get the 75X75 and the 100X100 configurations. Hence, it is advisable to be careful if you have a large or curved monitor.

Our Take

The NB North Bayou Monitor Arm supports some huge (and heavy) monitors. It offers you all the desired movements you will need. However, these movements are somewhat restricted. Hence, the application of this arm is more suited for a formal setting like that of an office.

Considering the capabilities, the price offers a significant advantage. What’s more, you get all the necessary hardware along with instructions for the installation process. All in all, this arm offers a great deal if you do not mind the limited tilt angle.

  • Customizable tension screw
  • Hardware and Instruction manual included
  • Price
  • Supports up to 42-inch screens
  • Limited Tilt angle
  • Limited VESA plate configurations

4. Amazon Basics Single Monitor Stand

This Monitor Arm from Amazon Basic offers you all the basic features and utilities. However, make no mistake, “Basic” does not mean boring. You get a Monitor Arm that can support screens of up to 32 inches and weight up to 25 lbs. Granted, the built quality is functional, and there is no real emphasis on aesthetics. But then Amazon wants you to have a functional product.

The arm is capable of the entire set of movements, albeit with certain limitations on angles. The tilt angle ranges from -5 to +70 degrees. This is ideal for a formal setting like offices. However, gamers may view this as a challenge. The swivel angles a full 180 degrees.

Amazon remains ambiguous on the rotation angles. However, it does mention that the screen “can be moved from landscape to portrait”. Additionally, you even get the tension control mechanism to customize to your preference.

The arm is very easy to install. For installation, you get the standard c-clamp mount to secure it to the desk. Remarkably, you do not get a grommet mount. Further, the VESA plate limits the configurations to 75X75 and 100X100. Thankfully, an installation guide and the hardware is shipped along with the arm.

Our Take

The Amazon Basics Monitor Arm gives you all the basic functionality. Granted, there are monitor arms that offer more. These do come at a price. Therefore, if you have never used a Monitor Arm, this arm may be the right one for you. It gives you all the utility coupled with the backing of Amazon’s brand name. Rest assured; Amazon does not put its name on cheap and flimsy products.

  • Tension control for customization
  • Hardware kit included
  • Installation guide
  • Aluminum body for sturdy structure
  • Limited tilt angle
  • No Grommet mount

5. AVLT Single Monitor Arm

This Monitor Arm from AVLT is very impressive. You can hook up monitors with screen sizes up to 38 inches and weigh up to 31 lbs. Further, it offers a premium gas spring arm. This ensures minimal effort on your part. Hence, you do not use too much effort to adjust the monitor’s position.

The movement range that this arm offers passes the 10000-cycle motion test with flying colors. The tilt angles you get with this arm range from -90 to +90 degrees, which is more than ideal for an office. Gamers and graphics editors may find this especially handy. You also get 180 degrees of swivel and 360 degrees of rotation angles. Along with this, you can also adjust the height by 12 inches.

In addition to all of this, you get the c-clamp and the grommet mounts. Further, installation is made easier with the included hardware and the installation manual. The VESA plate offers 75X75 and 100X100 configurations. These are ideal for your flat or curved monitors.

If all of this wasn’t enough, you also get a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty and tech support, should you need it.

Our Take

The Monitor Arm from AVLT delivers almost everything you expect from such devices. A great deal of thought seems to have gone into keeping things simple for the user. For instance, the arm comes with all the hardware and instruction manual for installation and use. Next, the gas spring ensures ease of operation. Further, warranty and tech support keep you covered in case of a crisis. Finally, you get all of this at an unbelievably competitive price.

  • Warranty and tech support
  • Easy installation
  • Gas Spring
  • Cable management
  • Limited VESA configuration

6. Huanuo Single Monitor Mount Stand

This Ultrawide Monitor Arm from Huanuo is among the cheapest you will find in the market. However, make no mistake, a low price does not mean low quality. For starters, it supports monitors with screen sizes up to 35 inches and weighs 26.4lbs.

Apart from this, you get the c-clamp and the grommet mountings. The only major constraint is that the VESA plate limits the monitor installation. This is because of the 75X75 and 100X100 configurations. Therefore, if you need a larger configuration, you will have to invest in an adapter. The VESA plate also limits the installation to flat monitors. This is because if you have a curved monitor, you will need additional spacers.

Although you do get the entire range of movements, the tilt angles range from -30 to +85 degrees. This is more than ample for office use. However, gamers may find it a tad restrictive. The swivel angles offer 180 degrees, whereas the rotation angles offer 360 degrees. Further, the maximum height you get is 20.5 inches. Also, the arm can be extended and retracted by 21.6 inches.

The installation process is pretty straightforward. You have both options, the c-clamp, and the grommet mounts.

Huanuo provides a USB port at the base of the arm. With this, you can charge your phone conveniently. We liked this feature, as it efficiently solves real-world problems.

Our Take

This Monitor Arm from Huanuo offers all the features you will need. There are a few limitations concerning installation with the VESA plates. However, you can fix this with ease. This Monitor Arm is among the cheapest in the market. Its build quality and sturdy design make it a steal.

Therefore, if you want a feature-rich monitor arm and do not wish to spend a bomb, choose Huanuo.

  • The USB port on the base
  • Customizable tension control
  • Cable management
  • Not suited for curved monitors

7. Ergotron – LX Single Monitor Arm

This is the second Ergotron arm on this list. There is a good reason behind it. The Ergortro LX adds to the plain-jane white and the mundane black colors. The Ergotron LX also offers a beautiful-looking monitor arm with a space-age, polished aluminum look. Further, Ergotrn LX gives you two heights for the pivotal pole. You can choose between a 13-inch pole or an 8-inch pole.

The Ergotron LX supports monitors of sizes up to 34 inches and weights up to 25 lbs. The installation is easy. The package includes all the hardware and the installation manual.

The Ergotron LX passes the 10000-cycle test. This means that it gives you the entire range of movements. However, there is a catch. The tilt angle offers only between -5 and 70 degrees of movement. This is significantly less when you consider the price. Moving along, the swivel action gives you an angle of 180 degrees, while the rotation action gives you the full 360 degrees.

The Ergotron LX is shipped with the c-clamp and the grommet mounts. However, if you choose the white-colored arm, you will only get the c-clamp mount. Why? Ergotron decides to remain silent on this. You can get the grommet mount, but you will have to order that separately.

As for the VESA plate, it limits the configurations to the popular 75X75 and 100X100 configurations. These are unrestricted. Hence, you will not face difficulty when you set up your curved monitors.

Our Take

The Ergotorn LX is a premium product. The build quality, the look, and the user experience are all premium. All of this comes at a premium price too. This automatically implies that this product is not for everyone. There are far better deals one can choose from. So, why choose the Ergotron LX?

If you need a monitor arm that complements the decor of your workstation, the Ergotron LX is worth considering. It offers you three colors to choose from. The “Polished Aluminum” variant is eye-catching and sure to delight you.

  • Elegant design
  • 10-year warranty
  • Come with two pole height options
  • Cable management
  • Price
  • No Grommet mount with white arm

8. WALI Single GSM001XL Monitor Arm – Most Flexible

The monitor arm from WALI can support monitors with screen sizes up to 35 inches and weigh no more than 33 lbs. This arm also comes with a gas spring. This facilitates the easy movements of the arm.

The customizable tension screws are easy to locate and operate. Hence, getting to the best ergonomic position will not be a challenge. The tilt movement gives you an angle from -45 to +45 degrees. The swivel angle gives you the standard 180 degrees, while the rotation angle is limited to 180 degrees only.

The arm is shipped with a hardware kit and the instruction manual. You also get the c-clamp and the grommet mounts. The installation is easy. You can have the setup completed in a few minutes. If you do face a challenge, help is at hand with tech support throughout the week.

The VESA plate has the popular 75X75 and 100X100 configurations. You also get the cable management system. This helps to keep your workstation free of any clutter. The monitor arm neatly conceals the monitor wires. This ensures you can stay focused on your work and not bother about trivial and mundane issues like wires.

Our Take

This monitor arm from WALI gives you a great degree of flexibility with the range of angles it allows. Thus, you can find the most ergonomic position. Once you do, you are sure to maintain a great posture while working, thereby improving your productivity. The price of the product and the tech support you get along with the deal makes it all the more attractive.

  • Price
  • Tech Support is available
  • Cable management
  • Customizable tension control
  • Limited VESA plate configurations

Choosing the Best Ultrawide Monitor Arms – Our Buying Guide

The importance of maintaining a good posture cannot be over-emphasized. A poor posture can cause severe physical ailments. In extreme cases, it may even cause long-lasting damage to your spine. The average person spends 8-10 hours at their workstation. Hence, it is imperative to have an ergonomically designed workstation.

It is not a big challenge to design an ergonomic workstation. However, things can get a bit tricky when there are limitations that come into play.

We address one such limitation in this buying guide.

An Ultrawide Monitors is a highly specialized piece of computer hardware. By definition, they are bulky, which also implies that they are heavy. Therefore, once installed, they are not easy to move around. Anyone using these kinds of monitors could face a challenge in maintaining a healthy posture while at work. Fortunately, there is a solution at hand.

Now, we focus on what factors one must consider before purchasing a Monitor Arm.

Size of the Monitor

The screen sizes of the Ultrawide monitors typically range between 30 inches and 35 inches. Yes, there are bigger ones also. Hence, make sure you select a monitor arm that will support the size of your monitor. Do not get tempted to go overboard.

For instance, the Ergotron HX supports screen sizes up to 49 inches. However, this would be overkill for someone who has a 35-inch screen. A better option in such a case would be the Monitor Arm from Huanuo. It will accommodate your monitor and give you considerable savings as compared to the Ergotron HX arm.

Weight of the Monitor

A Monitor Arm, most importantly, should be able to bear the weight of the monitor. Ultrawide monitors usually weigh between 20 lbs and 45 lbs.

Unlike the monitor size, we recommend you select a little extra in weight parameters. You would not want the mechanism to collapse. A little more in terms of weight support adds a bit of margin for error.

For instance, if your monitor weighs about 24 lbs, instead of selecting the arm from Amazon basics, consider the one from VIVO. It supports up to 33 lbs. Additionally, all other parameters, like screen size and movement, are similar. Thus, it makes for a better deal.

Monitor Form factor

Ultrawide monitors come in two avatars, which are the flat and the curved screen. It is advisable to check the compatibility of the arm if you have a curved screen monitor. Most monitor arms do not differentiate between the two.

However, ultrawide monitor mounts like the Huanuo expect you to get additional spacers to install a curved monitor.


The mounts come with two kinds of mounts, i.e., c-clamp and grommet mounts. Both these mounts have a specific use. The grommet mounts are best for offices. This is because office cubicles do not have an open-edge desks. The c-clamp mount is good if you intend to install the monitor arm on a stand-alone desk.

Almost all arms come with both mounts. However, the Ergotron LX only gives you the c-clamp mount with its white variant.


A good monitor arm must give you four basic movement options. These are tilt, swivel, rotation, and height adjustment. You should not select the Monitor Arm if even one of these four is missing.

It is these movements that will fine-tune the position of the monitor to hit the ergonomic sweet spot. You have to ensure that you get the correct posture while at work. Hence, all of these options are non-negotiable.

VESA Plate

The VESA plate is a crucial component. The VESA plate connects the Monitor Arm to the monitor. Consequently, there are numerous configurations offered by different monitor arms. However, the two most popular configurations are the 75X75 and the 100×100. Most monitors and monitor arms use these. Hence, you must avoid any Monitor arm which does not offer these two configurations.

Customizable Tension Control

Customization of the tension in the arm is an important feature. With the help of this, you can control the firmness of the arm. Hence, you do not need to struggle with the movement. With a simple turn of the screw, you can loosen the tension to move the arm freely.


There are ultrawide monitor arms that suit a wide range of budgets. Hence, you should avoid choosing one purely based on price. We have highlighted the cheapest and the best overall deals available in the market. These monitor arms give you the right set of features and will not break the bank. These will guide you in your decision.


We agree that the aesthetics of a product does not govern its utility. However, a beautiful-looking product adds to the visual appeal of mundane-looking workstations.

The Ergotro LX with the Polished Aluminum look is an eye-catcher and will delight anyone who lays their eye on it.

These are some of the main factors one must consider before purchasing a monitor arm. Here are some minor factors you could consider:


There are a few manufacturers which give a warranty with their monitor arm. Therefore, if you get a warranty with your purchase, consider this an advantage.

Hardware Kit

Some manufacturers do not give you the complete hardware kit. Look for what is included in the package. Does the arm come with c-clamp and grommet mounts? Are all the required nuts and bolts included? Are the required Allen Keys included?

Installation guide and Product Manual

These come in handy when you hit a roadblock and need a ready reckoner to bail you out.

The Best Ultrawide Monitor Arms – Frequently Asked Questions

Are Monitor Arms worth the effort?

Monitor mounts offer great utility.

Firstly, they take up only a fraction of the space as compared to the monitor. Secondly, they offer a wide range of movements. This ensures that you get an ergonomic monitor position that does not stress your body. Finally, with a good posture, you can perform better. Hence, your productivity improves significantly.

Can Monitor Arms damage the desk?

Monitor mounts make use of solid metal clamps to secure the arm and the weight held by it. The metal clamp tends to scare wooden surfaces. However, you can add padding to circumvent this problem. This will avoid unnecessary scars on the wooden surface. Additionally, it will add to the grip between the clamp and the wooden surface.

Are Gas Spring Mounts good?

Springs Arms come in two forms, namely gas springs and metal coil springs.

The metal coil spring is an older mechanism. These cost less and have a longer life as compared to gas springs. The gas spring offers smoother operations, and the release force is comparatively softer than the metal coil. The cost of the gas spring is only marginally higher than the metal spring. Therefore, the gas spring offers greater value.

How Long do Monitor Arms last?

Essentially, a monitor arm is a combination of two to three metal arms that are connected with the help of hinges. Therefore, almost nothing can go wrong with the arm after installation. This is also one of the main reasons that some manufacturers offer a ten-year product warranty.

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