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Best Mouse with Gestures Support for Mac

Combining the utility of a mouse with the convenience of a trackpad is an excellent way to enhance your productivity and, in some cases, ensure a healthier you.

An ergonomic mouse ensures excellent posture, an advantage the trackpad lacks. But trackpads, too, are essential to productivity, as they are commonly located on the keyboard, so you won’t have to take your hand off while working.

A mouse with gesture support combines these two advantages, providing a unique experience that none offers. You get the higher accuracy of the mouse combined with the efficiency of a trackpad, allowing you to minimize wasted movements alternating between these devices. You can execute gesture-based commands from the mouse using such a device.

Gesture-based commands are ideal for users who toggle between several windows to collate data to compile reports, and content creators find it convenient while working with several media files.

On the Mac, you can use gestures to scroll pages, go back and forth between browser tabs, or launch Mission Control by tapping the mouse, among other things. The Apple Mouse, being native to the Apple ecosystem, is the natural choice if you want a mouse with gesture support. However, while few devices on the market include gesture support, there are a couple of special device work considerations.

Comparison of the Best Mouse with Gestures Support for Mac

ImageProductDetailsCheck Price
Apple Mouse on Amazon
Apple Mouse Type: Wireless
Rechargeable Battery: Yes, via Lightning Port
Movement Detection: Optical
Connectivity: Bluetooth
Ergonomic Design: No
Buy on Amazon
Logitech MX Master 3S for Mac on Amazon
Logitech MX Master 3S for Mac Type: Wireless
Rechargeable Battery: Yes, via USB-C
Movement Detection: Optical
Connectivity: Bluetooth
Ergonomic Design: Yes
Buy on Amazon
Microsoft Arc Mouse on Amazon
Microsoft Arc Mouse Type: Wireless
Rechargeable Battery: No
Movement Detection: Blue Track
Connectivity: Bluetooth
Ergonomic Design: No
Buy on Amazon

1. Apple Mouse – Our Choice

The Apple Mouse is perfect for Mac users who need a mouse but want to maintain Apple’s aesthetics and the user experience at their workstation setup.

Being a part of the Apple ecosystem, the mouse works well with Mac computers and delivers a seamless experience. As with most Apple products, the design of the Apple Mouse is simple and uncluttered. It combines physical click buttons with a built-in touch sensor that you can tap to use the mouse as a touchpad for gesture controls.

Pairing the mouse with your Mac computer is easy. It has an on/off toggle switch, and flipping it on for the first time will initiate the pairing mode. Your Mac should detect the mouse under the Bluetooth setting, and you’ll be ready to go instantly as soon as you pair the device successfully. The more straightforward method is to connect the mouse to your Mac using the charging cable; the computer instantly detects the mouse and automatically pairs it with the computer.

The Apple Mouse is a significant improvement over its previous iterations. It has a rechargeable battery that you can charge for to minute and use the mouse for up to nine hours. And depending on the usage, a full charge will last a month. It uses an optical laser that provides precise movement on the screen, which helps to improve productivity.

  • It’s an Apple product, so your design matches your Mac’s aesthetics.
  • Rechargeable batteries make it convenient to use.
  • The optical laser technology ensures precise movements of the cursor.
  • Wireless connectivity reduces wire clutter at the workstation.
  • Its lightweight and slim design makes it convenient to carry.
  • The charging port on the bottom panel prevents its use while charging.
  • Poor ergonomics make it challenging to use for prolonged durations.

2. Logitech MX Master 3S for Mac – Ergonomic Mouse

A healthy posture is essential to ensure high productivity and a good posture can only be maintained for a long time if you have the correct tools to ensure it. The Logitech MX Master 3S is an excellent choice, combining key features, including gesture support and an ergonomic design.

Its design mimics your posture when you place your hand on a table. Doing this ensures that your body maintains its natural posture, keeping it relaxed and free of any physical stresses or strains. So, on the one hand, it helps improve your work output by allowing you to work longer hours; on the other, your body remains healthier without discomfort.

Like the Apple Mouse, the MX Master 3S has rechargeable that you can charge using the USB-C to USB-C cable that Logitech includes in the package. The mouse has an impressive battery. A quick 1-minute charge lasts up to three hours; on Logitech’s claim, a full charge will last up to 70 days.

The MX Master 3S is incredibly precise, thanks to its 8K DPI sensor. You can easily use it on several surfaces, including reflecting ones like glass. And it’s 90% quieter when you click its buttons, perfect for large offices where you don’t want to disturb coworkers.

At first sight, the design looks cluttered, with several buttons and a couple of scroll wheels. However, button operations are customizable using Logi Options+, Logitech’s customization interface that allows you to maintain app-specific profiles for the MX Master 3S.

  • The ergonomic design minimizes physical strain.
  • Logi Options+ enables you to customize button operations and maintain app-specific profiles.
  • Magspeed scrolling allows you to scroll thousands of lines in seconds.
  • The 8K DPI sensor ensures precise cursor movements.
  • Excellent battery life.
  • Expensive
  • The bulky design is not ideal to carry while traveling.

3. Microsoft Arc Mouse – Blue Track Optical

Microsoft’s Blue Track technology is far superior to optical lasers used on conventional mice. It uses a blue laser with broader coverage, allowing the mouse to be usable on any surface.

Conventional optical mice have trouble with reflective surfaces and uneven surfaces like carpets, but Blue Track emits a broader beam of light with wider reflective feedback from surfaces. Thus, it handles more versatile surfaces while providing more precise cursor movements.

The precision comes from its imaging rate of 1200 frames per second and a densely packed, 1000 points per inch, X-Y resolution. The cursor movement is smooth, and with a tracking speed of up to 30 inches per second, it is one of the fastest and most accurate mice, ideal for graphics editing use cases where accurate cursor movement is essential.

The Microsoft Arc has a brilliant design. In its disabled form, it lies flat on your table. It is slim and occupies little space if you intend to travel with it.

To enable usage, you must bend the mouse in the shape of an arc (hence the name). This transforms the mouse into a conventional mouse form and enables Bluetooth so that you can connect with your Mac.

Unlike the Apple Mouse and the MX Master 3S, the Microsoft Arc doesn’t have rechargeable batteries. Instead, it uses two AAA batteries that last up to six months. But this has a plus side, too; AAA batteries are common to find, so it eliminates the need to include one more wire in the travel kit.

  • Blue Track technology enables use on any surface.
  • Several color options to match your style.
  • The slim and lightweight design is ideal for travel.
  • Precise and smooth cursor movements are essential graphics editing use cases.
  • Excellent battery life of six months.
  • No rechargeable batteries mean you need to carry a spare.
  • Poor ergonomics

Best Mouse with Gestures Support for Mac – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Gesture Support?

Gestures are small hand movements that your computer understands and executes pre-assigned tasks based on the precise movement of the hand. Most modern laptops that use trackpads come with gesture support. The most common gesture on most laptop trackpads is using two fingers to scroll a page.

Do all Mice Have Gesture Support?

There are only a few mouse manufacturers that make mice with gesture support. Several mice have scroll wheels and allow you to customize the button operations on the device, but you mustn’t mistake them for ones with gesture support.

Is a Mouse with Gesture Support and Rechargeable Batteries Better Than One with Changeable Batteries?

The answer mainly depends on the use case.

For instance, mice with changeable batteries don’t require carrying an additional wire, which can be a problem if you forget it somewhere or misplace it altogether. Often, they use a single AA-size or a couple of AAA-size batteries that are easy to find in any convenience store.

Mice with rechargeable batteries require carrying an additional wire but are ideal for air travel, where replacing batteries is challenging.

However, one must note that both mice consume very little power, and a fully-charged battery will usually last you over a month.

Will the Bluetooth on My Mouse interfere With My Wireless Network?

A Bluetooth mouse works on the 2.4GHz frequency, as do most Wi-Fi networks. This can cause the two signals to interfere with each other.

However, there is a solution. Most modern Wi-Fi routers also use the 5GHz frequency, while the newest Wi-Fi 6E router offers wireless connectivity on the 6GHz frequency. Depending on your computer’s Wi-Fi version, you can switch to these frequencies and avoid interference from Bluetooth signals.

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